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Winter Camping Weekend - 4 Days

winter camping trip at mew lake

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January 16, 2020 - January 19, 2020 guaranteed 675
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March 5, 2020 - March 8, 2020 guaranteed 675
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Winter Camping Workshop + Weekend

As the season’s deep cold slows the pace of life in the woods to a still, there is nothing more clear than the winter night sky. Nothing brighter than the sparkle of the year’s most brilliant stars. There is nothing quite as crisp as the sound of snow beneath your feet. Nothing more peaceful than the quiet calm of being warm and at home in the frozen winter woods.

Our winter camping workshop and weekend is a playlist of life’s primary pleasures: adventure outdoors, staying warm by moving mindfully through the simple steps of making a home amidst the mixed forest trees, moments of sweet solitude in the quiet of the winter woods, coming together around a fire to speak or listen, to see and be seen, and then bundling up to sleep—cozy, confident and cocooned—while the icy world around you rests.

We want you to feel ready.

Whether you’re brand new to winter camping or have refined systems over many years, we offer a live online orientation to go over everything you need to know, do, and be prepared for. None of your questions will go unanswered.

If you’re considering joining for this expedition and want more information, contact us here with any questions, or to join the orientation call for even more detail.

Day 1
Pre-Trip Workshop

Two months before your trip date we will meet in a live forum to talk through layering clothing, gear we use when winter camping, and answer any questions you may have ahead of time. This will be recorded for anyone who can't make the live event.

Day 2
Car Camping at Mew Lake

The first day of our trip prepares us for everything that follows. We’ll set up our campsite in an established campground at the entrance of the park, with our vehicle close by. We’ll get acquainted with our systems and with each other, and start acclimatizing to the winter weather.

Day 3
Into the Backcountry

On day 2 we’ll pack up and leave the frontcountry behind, travelling deeper into the woods on skis or snowshoes, carrying everything we need for the rest of the trip. By early afternoon we’ll start watching for the perfect clearing to make ourselves at home and then go about the satisfying work of turning it into a haven where we’ll rest for the next two nights.

Day 4
Exploring the Backcountry

This is the day when we’ll explore the subtleties of our surroundings, taking in details we may have missed in the activities of setting up camp. We’ll leave our site just as it is, and explore the trails and tracks all around us, taking time together or apart to see and hear the sights and sounds, and to follow tracks in the shimmering snow. We’ll explore the balance between slowing down to feel the sweet stillness inside, and keeping our bodies moving so beating hearts pump warm blood to our fingers and toes.

We’ll head back to camp, delight in how it feels like home, and fill our bellies with warm food to keep us cozy through the night.

Day 5
Heading Out

On our last morning we’ll wake up and enjoy a warming breakfast before taking down camp and packing everything up for the journey home. We’ll reverse our expedition on skis or on foot, enjoying our remaining hours together as we head back to our vehicles, and get ready to say goodbye.

Price Includes:

  • A pre-trip workshop (online or in-person)
  • Guide (ratio of 1:5)
  • The camp kitchen and all meals from dinner day 1 to lunch day 4
  • Park permits (three nights) in Algonquin Provincial Park

Not Included or Optional:

  • Travel costs to and from the trip destination
  • Accommodations before or after the trip dates
  • Meals other than what is outlined above
  • Rentals of additional gear (tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, snowshoes or skis, etc.) - we will help facilitate rentals though.
  • Personal clothing, gear and equipment (packing list will be provided)
  • Personal Medical and Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance
  • Any expense of personal nature (souvenirs etc.)
  • Tips (for your guides)
Price From CAD $ 675/person
Total $ 675 CAD

Trip Facts

  • 5 + your guide
  • We meet at Mew Lake.
  • Must be comfortable with some discomfort, managing yourself in the cold, getting dirty.
  • 25% of the trip amount
  • If this trip is for you, there are 2 quirks in the checkout process: (1) You'll have to select Stripe as your gateway. You will not need a Stripe account to complete the transaction. You will be brought back to the Traveller's Form after you submit your deposit. This sometimes can take a couple of seconds. (2) The Traveller's Form has a required passport field. Typing "NA" will allow you to advance.