Mindfulness in Algonquin

6 Days


2023 dates coming soon!

As we embark on the most classic of wilderness adventures—the quintessential canoe trip—we do so with a Quiet twist, and specific mindful and contemplative experiences.

As with the other trips offered, every inch of this adventure invites you into the present moment. Waking up to a symphony of birdsong as the morning light shines through your tent. The warmth of the fire by your feet as you take your first sip of coffee. The soft swish of your paddle moving through water as you take the day’s first strokes.

This trip adds specific programming to engage participants in contemplative exercises and mindfulness activities. Each day will include these moments to connect with nature and your inner self through journaling, art, silence, solitude, and group reflections.

Of course, we can’t control the wind, the waves, or the weather.

If a headwind blows waves at our bows or if the sky clouds over and rain starts to fall, we treat these moments as an obstacle course to mindfulness and we use the skills learned to ground us as the world around us whirls. In challenge, too, we find ourselves centered. We treat the portage trails as our training grounds. We enjoy the satisfaction of being present and prepared for any obstacle.

When the sun breaks back through the clouds, we take an extra long breath and enjoy the warmth of its glow. We thank Mother Nature for everything we can gain from this moment of comfort, yet we open ourselves to learning all that we can through the challenges as well.

Our days on these trips will vary. Sometimes we’ll get an early start and make miles from campsite to campsite. Other times we’ll find an island and set up camp for multiple nights so we can choose how we’d like to spend our days: resting, writing, and watching the clouds, or exploring our surroundings.

There will be time to be solo and time to connect—time to find your quiet together and apart. This truly is an exceptional opportunity to join a fully immersive, contemplative back-country trip.

Price Includes:

  • Canoe guides (ratio of 1:5)
  • All group equipment – canoes, tents, tarps, kitchen gear
  • All meals from lunch day 1 to lunch day 6
  • Park permits (five nights) in Algonquin Provincial Park
  • 1 expedition-sized canoe pack per person (105-125L) to use during the trip

Not Included or Optional:

  • Travel costs to and from the trip destination
  • Accommodations before or after the trip dates
  • Meals other than what is outlined above
  • Personal clothing, gear and equipment (packing list will be provided)
  • Sleeping bag and mat
  • Personal Medical and Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance
  • Any expense of personal nature (souvenirs etc.)
  • Tips (for your guides)
  • Harmonized Sales Tax (13%)


Day 1 :
Meet Up

We will meet you at the access point on the morning of Day One. We’ll have a brief trip orientation to our style of wilderness camping and canoe tripping, as well as some direction on how the contemplative activities will be integrated into the trip.

Get to know who you’ll be paddling with, ask your questions, and have your gear checked to be sure it is waterproofed, if you require. Then we will load the canoes and launch into our mindfulness canoe adventure.

After a brief refresher on paddling strokes on the water, we will set off from the put-in and head out to find the first campsite. Your Guides will help draw you toward moments of mindful reflection as we move through the water towards the place where we’ll first connect with our surroundings.

Once we find our campsite, you’ll set up your tents, gather firewood and explore the area before dinner. Enjoy quiet time around the fire listening to the loons or the occasional barred owl, and experience moments of peace and contentment during the evening’s simple contemplation activities before tucking in for the night. Breathe deep these first moments of peace.

Distance paddled: ~4 kilometers
Portages: 190m
Meals: L, D
Overnight: Tent camping

Waking only to the sounds of nature, the fresh morning air will rejuvenate the soul as we stretch and breathe deeply during our morning activities.

This is the perfect day to revitalize in nature and let the day unfold magically. Enjoy a guided forest walk to learn what the trees can offer us. Visit beautiful waterfalls and sit in stillness allowing the connection to the land to invigorate your senses. We can also hang out on our campsite, go for a leisurely paddle to the surrounding lakes, swim, read, work on our campcraft skills or journal about our new experiences.

Wonderful hearty meals will fuel the body, and contemplative activities will calm the mind as we journey together through this day of deep connection and growth.

Distance paddled: ~2 kilometers
Portages: 20 meters, 90 meters, 240 meters (depending on which lakes are visited)
Meals: B, L, D
Overnight: Tent camping

Today we will pack up camp and head further into the wilderness by canoe, warming up our senses while paddling and portaging our way to the next campsite, finding a rhythm, and getting into the tripping groove.

Use some of the new techniques learned to connect with what Mother Nature shares this day by being mindful with each stroke of the paddle and around each bend of the waters path.

After finding the campsite, we’ll set up camp, enjoy great food and gather around the fire to reflect on our learning and growth. Listen to the silence, enjoy the stars and rest deeply.

Distance paddled: ~8-9 kilometers
Portages: 190 meters, 30 meters, 50 meters
Meals: B, L, D
Overnight: Tent camping

Morning reflections will help remind us of the strength we have as we prepare for a full day of paddling and portaging. Packing up the canoes, we will head up the lake toward the first portage, feeling the deep connection to nature and knowing the support she gives.

This day will include falls, forests, trails, rivers, cliffs, swamps, and stunning lakeside campsites. The finish line will be well worth the effort and reminders will be given to stay mindful and connected to all that we can learn in these varying moments and experiences.

Once at the campsite and we’re all set up for the next day of rest, we will work on a writing activity that will help make today’s journey even more meaningful.

Distance paddled: ~4 kilometers
Portages: 590 meters, 300 meters, 650 meters
Meals: B, L, D
Overnight: Tent camping

Today will be a slow day, with time for solitude, silence, stillness, solace, and synergy as we rest in and yet still engage with our surroundings.

Enjoy the early morning mist on the lake, listen to the birds as they share the morning gossip, and breathe in the wonderful forest air as you wake up on this day of rest. Feel your heartbeat slow as you ground yourself to the earth again. Swim, journal, paddle, draw, and enjoy other mindful activities provided by your Guides.

This is a day with exceptional food, connecting experiences, new-found friends, and time to regenerate as we prepare for our final day tomorrow.

Distance paddled: none
Portages: none
Meals: B, L, D
Overnight: Tent camping

We will get an early start this day, breaking camp and heading out for the final paddle through the epic Barron Canyon. Nature has so much to teach us today about strength, determination, and patience.

Enjoy every moment of this stunning paddle and recognize the incredible growth you’ve gone through these past few days. This unique trip provides opportunities for healing, regeneration and more as you connect to Earth, recognize how every part of nature is affected by you, and you by it. And this is just the beginning. Take all that you’ve learned and incorporate it into your days ahead.

Arriving at the take-out at Squirrel rapids by late afternoon, we’ll have our final goodbyes as we’re shuttled back to our vehicles.

Distance paddled: ~8-9 kilometers
Portages: 740 meters, 100 meters, 440 meters, 420 meters
Meals: B, L

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Mindfulness in Algonquin
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