Welcome to The Quiet Guiding Company

Welcome to The Quiet Guiding Company. We’re so pleased you’re here.

About Us

As we say in our About page, we invite you to slow down with us. To breathe space into, to savour, and to explore your surroundings, each bite of a backcountry Moroccan stew, or a sip of cowgirl coffee.

The Quiet Guiding Company was born out of a deep need to escape. Escape the jostling people and the booming construction noise that envelops Toronto. Escape the constant go, go, go that the city breeds. The Quiet Guiding Company is not only an escape. It also serves as a reminder to bring the slower pace of life back to the city with us.

About You

Maybe you feel this way too. You appreciate the people, the parks, the music scene, the museums, and the restaurants near where you live. You have easy access to public transit or your doctor or dentist. You have a movie theater that you go to once a year for a different sort of escape.

And yet, getting away from all of that for an adventure with Mother Nature gives you a greater sense of appreciation for them when you return. You feel lighter, calmer, more capable to take on whatever the universe wants to throw at you.

About Our Trips

We intend to give you time, space, and skills (if you need them) to spend some time on your own during the course of your trip. Our groups are small. Your guide will start each tour with a short demonstration of basic skills that we’ll build on as we go. While we will be on the move most days, we’ll still have resources available should you feel a solo creative endeavour brewing. Or if you want to take yourself on a nature walk and know what you’re looking at. Or if you want to chill out with a book or meditation or yoga once we reach camp.

Sound like your cup of tea? Book a trip with us. We look forward to slowing down with you.

Welcome to the Quiet Guiding Company