Packing List: Sleeping Bags and Mats

As with rain gear, sleeping bags can make or break your camping trip

I remember the first time I went camping in the shoulder season. I think it was a cycle tour in late October or early November on the PPJ trail in Quebec. I had a sleeping bag rated to 0°C and I was miserable. The nightly howling winds had me shivering in my bag the whole (short) trip. When we returned, I promptly drove into Ottawa in search of a warmer bag.

Maybe you sleep warmer than I do and you don’t need as low a temperature rating for your sleeping bag. Or maybe you need some room in your bag to sleep comfortably. How do you decide on the right sleeping bag for you?

Qualities / Features You May Be Looking For:

  • Down or synthetic fill
  • Mummy-style, barrel-, or rectangular-shaped
  • Temperature rating (for both sleeping bags and mats)
  • Length
  • Specific to women or not (hey let’s face it, most of us have hips and most of us have really cold feet)
  • Other sleep accessories to maximize comfort while camping

We’ve accumulated a bunch of resources to help you determine the right sleep system for your maximum comfort and camping style.

Three of Our Favorite Articles on Sleeping Bags:

Do you have more questions about sleeping bags? E-mail us! If you love falling asleep to the call of loons or perhaps even howling winds, book a trip with us. We look forward to slowing down with you.

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