Meet Your Guide: Jen Wills

Jen Wills is a guide for The Quiet Guiding Company. She is also heavily involved in Girl Guides and leading backcountry backpacking trips for youth aged 15-18.


Burlington, ON (Tourism Burlington)

Dream Trip

There are so many dream trips because I so love to travel, but Australia and New Zealand are definitely in my future plans as well as a contemplative journey on a Camino in Spain. I have dreams of expanding my wilderness experiences too which would include canoe trips on the French, Keele, Nahanni and Yukon Rivers. The Yukon may just steal my heart!


Favorite Outdoors Memory

On my Northern BC immersion trip we had the opportunity to sit in the woods for a time of connection with nature. As I was sitting there with my eyes closed, listening only to the sounds of the forest and my heart beating, our guide began to beat the drum. I could feel my connection to the Earth as the drum matched my own heartbeat. It was a precious and healing moment, and one that I carry with me every time I go out into nature.

Some favourite trips include a 7-night Northern lights experience in Yellowknife, a culture immersion trip to connect with Indigenous groups in Northern BC, and a service trip to Ecuador where we spent time supporting local women’s initiatives.

What Does “Quiet” Mean To You?

When I spend time in nature and stop to listen, I feel a connection to something bigger than myself. I am able to feel the strength of community, even though that community may only be trees, birds and squirrels. And yet, I know, in those moments that I am home, and I feel my strength and purpose grow from within. Quiet time in the woods and on the water gives me purpose and allows me to thrive in the everyday.

Jen Wills Jen Wills

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