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Cooking Moroccan stew

Recipes for the meals we love to cook on trip.

Recipe: Cinnamon Buns

Note: Some people think of cinnamon buns as a breakfast recipe. I’ve certainly made them for breakfast on any number of occasions…in the front country. In the backcountry, they don’t offer enough sustenance to get through a physical day, unless you pair them with a significant amount of protein. So consider these a delicious dessert […]

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Recipe: Moroccan Stew

Note: This Moroccan stew recipe is a mishmash of recipes I like from Looneyspoons, Black Feather, and others. That is the beauty of cooking: you can adjust the recipe for what you like or for what your clients like (e.g. if you feel strongly about meat in your meals, you can saut√© chicken and add […]

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