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Packing List Questions

Winter Travel: Snowshoes

This post on snowshoes is the third in a series on winter camping. If you missed the first two posts, start here and then here. I trudged along, carefully placing one snowshoe in front of the next. My legs felt heavy after bushwhacking for six hours the day before. The next thing I knew I was […]

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10 Tips for Winter Layering

Six years ago during a particularly frigid mid-March, I set out with 15 others on my first-ever winter camping trip. We traveled between pre-determined checkpoints, navigating by topo map and compass, trekking through the snow on snowshoes, camping primarily on Crown Land in the Ottawa Valley. We hung tarps strategically to block the wind while […]

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Review: Level Six’s Algonquin Portage Pack

A few summers ago, I decided it was time to own my own canoe pack (before I became a complete convert to those ubiquitous blue barrels). As I was placing an order with MEC anyway, I opted for the one pack that looked easy enough to portage with a canoe over my head (i.e. a […]

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Packing List: Sleeping Bags and Mats

As with rain gear, sleeping bags can make or break your camping trip

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Packing List: Rain Gear

Rain gear (jacket AND pants – don’t forget the pants) can serve a few purposes on a canoe trip: the obvious protection from a wet day, protection from a windy day, and sometimes protection from a buggy day. Although we have additional suggestions for bug management in a future post.

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