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Winter First Aid

I’ve written a number of pieces about how you can prevent the need for winter first aid such as layering, eating,¬†and getting a good night’s sleep.

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Emergency Winter Shelters

It’s the fear our non-outdoorsy friends and families have when we adventure during winter: what happens if you get caught in a storm or stuck out overnight? Here are eight emergency winter shelters to protect you from the elements:

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Plan Your First Winter Overnight

Many, many moons ago: I shivered in my old sleeping bag, listening to the wind howl around my tent. It felt as if I were attempting to sleep on a slab of marble. Live and learn, I thought. Here it was, the end of October on the PPJ trail in Quebec and my gear wasn’t […]

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Resources for Your Outdoorsy Family

We receive the occasional request for suggestions on becoming a more outdoorsy family. While we don’t have children in the Quiet Guiding Co. office (heck, we haven’t even adventured with our dog yet), we know lots of people who do.

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While participating in the Outdoor Adventure Naturalist program at Algonquin College, the instructors required that we keep logbooks detailing the relevant facts during each of our hard skills courses as well as any outdoor activities we opted to pursue personally.

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