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Time to Rest

As some of you know, 2022 was a challenging year for me. So the Quiet Guiding Co. and I are going to hibernate for 2023-2024 to recharge and come back to you even more full of life. I will be dreaming up 2025 adventure plans throughout this summer and fall and look forward to sharing […]

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Dehydration: I’m talking food not a first aid scenario this month.

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Whitewater Rescue Technician Certification

As I get packed for my fourth whitewater rescue / swiftwater rescue course this weekend, I think back to the first time I took one: start of my career change…first ‘hard skill’ after 13 years in accounting / finance…it was A LOT to take in.

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Recipe: Pesto Pasta with Portobello Mushrooms

Note: This pesto pasta recipe is one I’ve made on a number of trips and it comes out differently each time.

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The Lands We Play On

I have been learning more about the lands we play on, the lands where The Quiet Guiding Co. trips take place, while we in Ontario wait to see what happens when (if?) our six week lockdown ends.

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