We invite you to slow down with us.

To be struck by the blueness of the sky, by the brush of the breeze, by the warmth of the sun on your skin.

The Quiet Guiding Company offers group expeditions at a pace where presence is possible. Where there’s time to tune in.

Where there’s time to notice what’s alive inside yourself and in the landscape that surrounds you.

Time to savour the sights and sensations of time well spent in the woods.

We’re bringing all the benefits of an outdoor experience back to the outdoor industry. Adventure meets intention on our expeditions. Exploring meets ease. Nature’s ebb and flow meets a generous measure of mindfulness.

We hold space for the fullness of a human experience. Space where you’ll connect to yourself, to others, and to the world around you.

We don’t manufacture experiences here. Instead we show up—gentle, soft and strong. We let camaraderie come into being at its own easy pace.

You’ll leave feeling reset, rejuvenated, and equipped to find your quiet, find your calm—find space within yourself—in all of life’s adventures.

The Quiet Guiding Company